The Flame BBQ is a catering company and barbeque restaurant I, Lou Kampi, started in Shaler, PA. It came about because when I looked around at our city here, we have diners, pubs, sandwiches, sushi and more, but no barbeque. I wanted to fix that and have been making barbeque for the city ever since! 

As we continue to grow, The Flame BBQ has recently moved its restaurant and kitchen to a new location that will more effectively suit our needs. Particularly, the new location is in a higher traffic area, has a larger dining space, better parking, and a drive thru! This offering is to furnish our new location and hopefully buy a delivery truck to grow our business even more.

I am looking to borrow between $20,000 and $50,000 at 10.75% over 5 years. Anyone who is 18 years old can invest.



About The Flame BBQ

I began The Flame BBQ in April of 2005. I have always loved people and cooking but wasn’t sure what kind of restaurant I wanted to open. I looked around my town and realized we had all kinds of diners, pubs, taco joints, sushi and pizza places, but what we didn’t have was barbeque. I opened up The Flame BBQ originally as a catering company in Shaler, PA. We have done catering for Community Days, festivals, and office events. One of the coolest catering events we get to do is the Annual Millvale Brew Fest! We have done it for 6 years and fed over 1,000 people each year! That is a whole lot of barbeque!

While we still do all that catering, in 2012 we opened a restaurant location in Cranberry, PA. Our restaurant was located at 20300 US-19 in Cranberry where we spent 7 good years, but the location just wasn’t quite right. The turn in and out of the parking lot was difficult, the lot itself got incredibly crowded, we could only seat 5 tables at a time, and we just needed a new space.

Now we are located at 1343B Old Freedom Rd, which just a little ways down the road, but it offers a whole lot of improvements over our old location!



Fast Facts

  • I have a lease-land agreement for the new property, ie. no landlord!
  • The new location has:
  • A drive-thru to increase convenience, throughput, and sales
  • Larger dining area
  • Dedicated parking
  • More convenient location to customers
  • Larger kitchen area to do catering orders
  • With the new space, we will be expanding the menu to include more than just barbeque
  • 10.75% interest rate with additional investor perks


The Project

The new location we have moved into is a great location for us for many reasons, but the thing I am most excited about is the fact it has a drive-thru window! Some people might say, “drive-thru barbeque? How does that work?” but we have a selection of wraps that will work perfectly for an on-the-go barbeque meal. We also already do a lot of business with takeout since our dining room is limited in size, so we know how to package our barbeque up for travel. Swing on by and let us prove it to you!

In addition to just the drive-thru, the location has a larger dining room, dedicated parking, and a more convenient location. It is physically located closer to the offices and main traffic areas where we get a lot of business and the Walmart Plaza is super easy to get in and out of. No more waiting for five minutes to make a left turn out of the lot!


Brisket Sandwich


The last part about this location that makes it a good strategic move is the fact the kitchen is much larger. This means we will have space to add items to our menu and prepare catering orders and Party Platters. The Party Platters are where you can buy our barbeque and sides cold and ready to go so you can heat them up in the oven at home to be able to serve hot barbeque on your own schedule. These have been a big seller for us and we are getting more and more orders for these along with traditional catering orders!

There are a bunch of items I am considering adding to the menu like chicken tenders and local ice cream. That way there is always something for everyone. But, there are some fun, more experimental things I am considering: smoked baked potatoes, homemade cherry or apple turnovers, smoked pies and more! Basically, there are so many things we could try smoking and if you have any ideas, you should let me know!

This new location and its proximity to the Walmart Plaza will greatly increase our foot traffic. The added kitchen space will allow us to have a greater production capacity and add new menu items. The delivery truck will enable us to capitalize on this by being able to cater more events as well as larger ones. We believe all of these things together will increase our revenue and profitability.



Party Platters! One of our big sellers!



Tier 1

$20,000 Total

Signage - $1,500

Advertising - $3,000

Additional furniture - $3,000

Maintenance and work required for new building - $5,000

Kitchen equipment - $2,500

Hiring of additional staff (getting them started) - $5,000

Tier 2

$25,000 Total

Used delivery truck/van - $20,000

Shelving and organization for truck - $5,000

Tier 3

$5,000 Total

Extra costs of moving locations and working capital - $5,000

$50,000 Total Total cost for Tier 1, Tier 2 , and Tier 3  combined.


Investor Perks


The Flame BBQ's Homemade barbeque sauce



A bottle of my homemade barbeque sauce!


20% off a party package! Any kind, any size! Let us help you with your next event!


*All perks are cumulative and shipping is included for any products you qualify for

About the Owner

I am Lou Kampi and I have been cooking barbeque for 15 years now. I fell in love with barbeque because it was fun, one of my favorite foods and I could control all aspects of the cooking process. The sauce, in particular, is my favorite part. Being in small business all my life, I realized we didn't have any much barbeque in the area and it was an opportunity to make passion my business. My mission is to bring great barbeque to the area at a great price!

Beyond just the dining room and kitchen, I love participating in Community Days, donating our services for fundraisers, and specifically, providing the food for Christmas events around town. It is a great way to give back to the community and it is just something I really enjoy doing! Getting to feed people is a great feeling!


Deal Summary


Luviv, LLC - doing business as "The Flame BBQ"

Security Type

Unsecured Loan

Loan Purpose

Covering general costs and purchases for new location

Offering Amount

$20,000 - $50,000

Interest Rate



Monthly, Disbursed to Investors Quarterly


60 months

Personal Guaranty

Yes, Lou Kampi (owner)

Security Interest


 Note: Luviv, LLC is a recently organized (2019) Pennsylvania Limited Liability Company that is a continuation of the Flame BBQ brand, management, and restaurant/catering operations.

The Location


New Cranberry Twp, PA location


Your Earnings Potential

If you choose to invest, you will make a one-time investment via ACH that will be transferred to a secure escrow account. If the campaign successfully reaches its target, the funds will be distributed to The Flame BBQ.

For more information on the mechanics of Honeycomb’s crowd investing platform, please review our Education Materials.

Investment Amount

One-Time Fee

Potential Quarterly Repayments*

Potential Total Repayment*

















*Individual payments may vary slightly based on rounding. Potential repayments include principal and interest, they do not include the one-time fee which is assessed when you make your investment. These amounts are calculated as a fully amortizing loan: principal and interest are paid down starting with the first payment. There are no prepayment penalties and The Flame BBQ may pay down their loan early which may impact your earnings potential. Please note, returns are not guaranteed and investors could lose some or all of their investment.

Your ongoing responsibilities from investing are very limited. Each year over the life of the loan you will receive a 1099-INT, this is a simple tax document similar to what you receive for most savings accounts.

When The Flame BBQ pays as agreed, you will receive quarterly payments directly into your bank account. In the event of a default, you will be contacted by the Administrative Agent to manage the collections process on investors' behalf.


How Honeycomb is Compensated

Honeycomb charges The Flame BBQ a 7.0% loan origination fee on the total amount funded.

Additionally, to cover expenses associated with each investment, Honeycomb charges a 2.85% investment fee capped at $37.25 per investor.

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