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$2,728 Funded
$10,000 Target
Closed Time Left
7 Investors
$10,000 Min. Raise
$32,300 Max. Raise
42 mo. Term Length
14.0% Interest Rate




We want to build a community where sustainable, low-cost, low budget, accessible materials are available to anyone needs them. Along those same lines, we want to invest in our local and statewide economy, supporting local artisans and putting money back into the community. With $6 trillion per year generated by small businesses in the United States, we want to do our part to put back into the economy by taking part in events, donating to local charities, and creating a community for artists. 

I am looking to borrow between $10,000 and $32,300 at 14.00% over 42 months, the first six months paying interest-only. Anyone who is 18 years old can invest.


About Upcycle This!

Through my small jewelry business, MarekJames, I’ve developed and grown my brand into predominately using mostly upcycled materials. As I began to meet more people in my community, I’ve seen the way this idea has taken root among both my customers and fellow artists. In the Cleveland area, an amazing upcycle shop exists, Upcycle Parts Shop. I want to expound upon that idea knowing Columbus is an area where opportunities in social entrepreneurship would be welcome. Examples of this include: Green Columbus, Sustainable Columbus, The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, and more. 


Upcycle This! consists of 3 parts. First, we are first and foremost, an upcycled materials shop where local artisans, school teachers, and community members at large can purchase items for their classroom, artwork, etc. at a large discount. Secondly, we are a local and statewide artist collective for artists and vendors within the State of Ohio. Lastly, we will have an event space that can be rented for art classes, workshops, birthday parties, etc. 

Shown below: flowers made from old plastic bottles, hangers, bottle caps, and tile samples. A fun project for all!


While there are many places and organizations in Columbus in the surrounding areas for recycling and sustainability initiatives, to my knowledge, there is not a place like Upcycle This! where one would learn firsthand about sustainability by being able to create something out of waste, all while building a community. We will strive to be the go-to place in Columbus and the surrounding areas for products, which are sustainable, reduce waste, support the local economy, and provide a haven for creativity. We plan to have a monthly charity we plan to donate a portion of proceeds to as well. 


Below: A broken pair of earrings made into new and one of a kind. These were meant to be trash and it turns out the beads are from Pre-WWI Japan. 

Macintosh HD:Users:katepeake:Pictures:Photos Library.photoslibrary:resources:proxies:derivatives:38:00:3809:pkD42J7bQY+f0dYz7KCbWg_thumb_3809.jpg    Macintosh HD:Users:katepeake:Pictures:Photos Library.photoslibrary:resources:proxies:derivatives:38:00:380b:8C+doS6RQgWr7nLbITj3Nw_thumb_380b.jpg


Ideas of things that can be donated and what they could become:

Macintosh HD:Users:katepeake:Pictures:Photos Library.photoslibrary:resources:proxies:derivatives:38:00:3807:Vnau6mjxTxWWQEHOUvWsvA_thumb_3807.jpg

Wallpaper and flooring samples


Macintosh HD:Users:katepeake:Pictures:Photos Library.photoslibrary:resources:proxies:derivatives:38:00:3808:mTD4YMIlSJmzfm8l4bvkAA_thumb_3808.jpg

Leather and suede scraps turned into earrings


Macintosh HD:Users:katepeake:Pictures:Photos Library.photoslibrary:resources:proxies:derivatives:38:00:380a:2OgQf%heSHWPp22ObP7mCw_thumb_380a.jpg

Old pipe and books turned into a display stand for watches, jewelry, anything you want!


Macintosh HD:Users:katepeake:Pictures:Photos Library.photoslibrary:resources:proxies:derivatives:38:00:380c:HTVw0V%+SciQvLIn0Ck%+g_thumb_380c.jpg 

Fabric and flooring samples donated by an interior design firm once the designs were phased out. So many possibilities!

Fast Facts

  • Experienced small business owner

  • Background in sustainability, small business, and marketing

  • Existing customer base who are familiar with what the upcycle concept is and are supportive

  • Columbus is a community behind the concept of sustainability, green practices, and community alliances 

  • Columbus, like many other places in the nation, has a need for a shop where supplies exist at a below market rate for accessibility to many different parties.

  • The opportunities to partner (for events, workshops, etc.) with organizations like the Columbus Office of Sustainability, Green Columbus, and even the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium would be instrumental in continued success

  • Existing personal and professional contacts in the Columbus area

  • 14.00% interest rate

The Project

We are raising money to open our brick and mortar store. First and foremost, the funds would be utilized for rent/lease on a space worthy of our concept and needs. There needs to be enough room for a shop and event area to make the magic happen! We want to be in a location that is easily accessible for anyone in the area or region to get to via bike, car, walking, or public transit! Bring a limo, the more the merrier! This space needs to be open and inviting for ANYONE to come in and have a great time exploring/buying/making/partying. 


Second comes all the bells and whistles. This would include: 

  • A modest yet 5 star rated POS system for all our needs (including accounting).

  • Eye-catching signage for both outside and inside the store: it has to be a welcoming and purposeful space. 

  • Marketing (digital, print)-to get the word out and help as many people as we can!

  • Event entry fees for out of store marketing and selling- for reaching a wider audience.

  • Licenses, permits, and insurance-we like to follow the rules.

  • Building out and furnishing the store with displays, fixtures, and event furniture (this includes the ability to make sure the shop safe to welcome in those with wheelchairs, walkers, canes, etc.) We welcome anyone and everyone who wants to have a blast!

  • Paying a shop assistant-someone who can be there if I can’t and still keep the ship sailing. 

  • Memberships to small business organizations and the like to expand our network and build our knowledge and skills.

  • A security system to make sure everything and everyone is safe.

  • Utilities-while I appreciate their sustainable nature, candles and carrier pigeons just aren’t feasible. 


We want to get the word out to everyone and be as accessible as we can so that as many people will benefit from our services as possible. 


Everything we plan to do may have a small footprint but will have a big impact both socially and economically. Having a space that champions creativity and supports locally, we will be able to give back to the community in more ways than one. All it takes is one person to have an idea that can change the lives of many. That is what we plan to do here. 


Tier 1


A space to rent. This would include security deposits and any necessary fees or costs associated with renting the space including licenses, permits, and insurance. 

Tier 2


The bells and whistles:

  • POS system 

  • Signage 

  • Marketing

  • Event entry fees for out of store marketing and selling

  • Building out and furnishing the store with displays, fixtures, and event furniture 

  • Memberships to small business organizations/similar

  • A security system

  • Utilities

Tier 3


Tiers 1 and 2 plus a paycheck for me OR a shop assistant and any emergency funds needed for the storefront. 

About the Owner



Hi! I’m Kate. I’m a doer and a creator at my core. My mom started me in craft classes when I was 5 years old and I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Mother Earth. I love to make people happy and watch as others find joy. I’ve always been a creator of things throughout my whole life. I’ve made everything from crochet and snarky cross-stitching to mixed media paintings and using wallpaper samples to make jewelry. 

In my professional career, I was a Portfolio Manager and Director of Business Operations for an amazing start-up in the Cleveland area. That experience helped me realize how much I wanted to follow my dreams and open up a shop of my own. I understand that both dedication and desire must go hand-in-hand to make an idea successful and I am ready to do just that. 

My number one goal every day, besides living a fulfilled life, is to learn something new. That may be a mundane fact about anything or it could be a new skill. I want to share that with others in every way possible. I want children and adults to come into the store without egos or worries about what anyone will think of them. This will be a space for freedom of creativity and sharing art locally and responsibly.  As a social entrepreneur, I want to spread the word and practice of doing good and helping others. With Upcycle This!, I want to share my passion for creativity, community, and socio-economic development at a level I feel comfortable with. I hope that this space will inspire those passions for many years to come not only for me but for those who benefit from the shop. 

The Location

We want to be centrally located enough that anyone will be able to access the shop with ease and convenience. We do not have a location at this time, but we would like to be in one of the following areas:


Weinland Park

Grandview Heights


Olde Towne East


Your Earnings Potential

If you choose to invest, you will make a one-time investment via ACH that will be transferred to a secure escrow account. If the campaign successfully reaches its target, the funds will be distributed to Upcycle This!.

For more information on the mechanics of Honeycomb’s crowd investing platform, please review our Education Materials.

Investment Amount One-Time Fee Potential Quarterly Returns* (Interest Only Period) Potential Quarterly Returns* (Amortizing Period) Potential Total Repayment*
$100 $2.85 $3.50 $10.25 $130.04
$500 $14.25 $17.50 $51.27 $650.20
$1,000 $28.50 $35.00 $102.53 $1,300.39
$5,000 $37.25 $175.00 $512.66 $6,501.97

Individual payments may vary slightly based on rounding. Potential repayments include principal and interest, they do not include the one-time fee which is assessed when you make your investment. These amounts are calculated as a fully amortizing loan: principal and interest are paid down starting with the first payment. There are no prepayment penalties and Upcycle This! may pay down their loan early which may impact your earnings potential. Please note, returns are not guaranteed and investors could lose some or all of their investment.

Your ongoing responsibilities from investing are very limited. Each year over the life of the loan you will receive a 1099-INT, this is a simple tax document similar to what you receive for most savings accounts.

When Upcycle This! pays as agreed, you will receive quarterly payments directly into your bank account. In the event of a default, you will be contacted by the Administrative Agent to manage the collections process on investors' behalf.

How Honeycomb is Compensated

Honeycomb charges Upcycle This! a $250 posting fee and a  7.0% - 8.0% loan origination fee on the total amount funded.

Total Amount Raised Origination Fee
$10,000 - $19,999 8.0%
$20,000 - $32,300 7.0%

Additionally, to cover expenses associated with each investment, Honeycomb charges a 2.85% investment fee capped at $37.25 per investor.

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Deal Summary

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Q & A

+ The on-line intro did not seem to say much about business development or reaching out to the local school districts. How will this be marketed?

We have already started doing so by reaching out to personal contacts in addition to those who are part of the local community. This includes civic organizations, after school, and art focused programs. I have sent letters and emails to 51 organizations/contacts so far and continue to add new possibilities every day. We are and will also target market those and similar places on social media through paid search.

+ Will online shopping be available or will you be 100% brick and mortar?

My apologies, I see this never updated! We will be 100% brick and mortar for the foreseeable future due to the nature of the business.