Botanical Vegan Cafe & Market

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$11,587 Funded
$10,000 Target
Not Available Time Left
25 Investors
$10,000 Min. Raise
$27,000 Max. Raise
36 mo. Term Length
9.0% Interest Rate




Botanical Vegan Cafe & Market spews shades of luscious leafy green onto Commercial Avenue as Aspinwall’s latest addition of eateries. Opening to the public on March 2nd, 2020 as Stroll LLC’s rebranded jungle-speakeasy cafe, Botanical is primarily a lunch destination providing customers with quick, healthy, and beautifully presented vegan options that fuel the community to function at their highest capacity. Botanical’s products include smoothies, juices, acai bowls, health shots, a full coffee bar, salads, soups, sandwiches, quinoa bowls, and snacks such as hummus dips, chips, and veggie sticks. All items can be made to go or enjoyed in its leafy green cafe.

Having opened just a week before the stay-at-home order, they are looking for some funds to make it through this difficult time and thrive as a business once it is over. To do so, they are looking to borrow up to $27,000. The annual interest rate includes a 3.75% interest-only period followed by a 30-month fully amortizing period repaying at 9.00% interest rate.

Blackbean turmeric hummus.

How You'll Help During COVID-19

With the restrictions on service due to COVID-19 and its impact on business, the store is operated by the owner solely; however, it is not optimal due to extended wait times, and limited time to focus on growth of the business. The current financial status of Botanical requires a strict limit on spending to ensure survival but it limits the potential for growth. Upon the expansion of services offered by Botanical like delivery, the potential for revenue is vastly greater. This expansion requires funding for inventory, delivery service and tools, and employment payroll. Funds will go directly to ensuring the stability of the company first, then extra funds will go to the expansion of the business’ services as listed above.

An oat milk latte.

It costs approximately $4000 per month to keep the store open. $8,000 of the funds will be placed to the side to ensure the store remains open and the utilities are paid for two months.

To operate the store comfortably requires two people at all times. The owner will fill one of those positions to cut costs and the average amount of pay for one month for a full-time employee is about $1800 with taxes. $2,000 of the fund will be placed to the side to provide for payroll. This meets the minimum goal for funding.

The Yellow Chia Parfait.

After surpassing the minimum, purchases will be made in the order of priority from operation to growth. The first expense would be into marketing material and branding for the to-go items ($1800.00), mailers ($500.00), and a social media marketing/PR employee ($2000.00 for two months). A marketing campaign was not launched prior to the opening of Botanical to ensure the owner and staff could feel the flow of the store and find out what works. A grand opening was to be scheduled for May, prior to which, a marketing campaign was to be implemented; however, due to COVID-19, it was cancelled. There is a large community in Aspinwall and Fox Chapel that does not yet know we are open and functioning. That brings the total fund used to $14,300.00.

Funding raised after that will be used to reconsolidate business and personal credit card debt incurred initially as startup purchases. This amount totals $10,911.00, totaling the raised funds used to $25,211.00.

Any funds left over at this time will be placed in savings to ensure the wellness of the store financially or if unnecessary, will be paid back into the amount due.

Check out the menu here!

Botanical Vegan Cafe & Market is in the beginning stages of a very large and beautiful dream. Opening a week before an entire city shuts down makes it very difficult for funds invested for the startup to be recouped enough to reinvest and grow. Retail and service businesses take anywhere from a year to two years to show a real profit. The first month in business, even during the pandemic, Botanical Vegan Cafe & Market showed a profit of $453.00. Although that amount is not worthy of boasting, it shows that the owner of Botanical is quick to make adjustments and put in the work needed to fulfill its potential.

Creamy butternut soup.

Botanical will be great. It will be a place where memories are made, a location for gathering and creating, and a source of health and growth. It will provide for the community, create jobs, teach healthy habits, and it will survive through this pandemic that is affecting the world. The minimum funds to be raised will cover the minimum requirements to stay in business but growth begins beyond the minimum.

The funds raised in this campaign will be the foundation on which Botanical will have a second chance to start. Restaurants closed and patrons stayed home as ordered by law before Botanical had a chance to prove its business plan and create the space it is intended to be. The funds raised in this campaign keep the opportunity to build and create in a community alive. They keep the promise of delivering health and happiness alive. Most importantly, they keep Botanical Vegan Cafe & Market and the dream alive.

Pick up some organic herbs along with your groceries!


About Botanical Vegan Cafe & Market

Botanical goes a step further than other health-focused locations by offering all products free of major allergens: nuts, dairy, gluten, other animal products, and preservatives. Botanical Vegan Cafe & Market provides not only delicious, wholesome, and convenient meals, but it also provides a lifestyle that merges health with social. By incorporating local, non-GMO produce, compostable packaging, and mocktails in a hip bar setting, Botanical Vegan Cafe is actively normalizing the idea of a healthy, environmentally sustainable, and social-focused environment. With the economy changing and the public staying indoors, Botanical quickly worked to set up a weekly bulk order and delivery system while expanding the store to a full local grocery market offering everything from produce and sanitary goods, to health supplements and take-home smoothie packs. Botanical Vegan Cafe & Market commits to providing powerful health and immunity boosts to its community throughout the precarious changes of the world and economy.

This delicious bowl includes whipped maple and Turkish figs.

Botanical’s customers are an array of people from the elderly looking to boost their calcium intake, to mothers looking for a nutritious meal replacement that they know their child will finish. The cafe will attract different people for different reasons with multiple offerings such as a counter service juice/smoothie bar, a fresh food and supplement market, and a social gathering place. Those interested in catching up with a classmate will meet in the same space as those stopping to grab a quick fuel-up before the gym. They might also run into the customer stopping by to grab a carton of oak milk for their family, or cool off from the summer heat with a fresh juice.

With multiple streams of revenue, Botanical Vegan Cafe & Market is able to lean on different streams during seasonal downtimes throughout the year to provide sustained income. Botanical primarily functions as a cafe, but also offers a full market with produce, grains, seeds, supplements, dairy-free milks, and house-made dressings and sauces. Developing further into the model reveals Botanical’s weekly food subscription service allowing customers to order their week’s food, juice, or snacks to be delivered to their door or picked up in store. Customers choose Botanical Vegan Cafe & Market not only because they offer a delicious, balanced blend of foods and drinks, but maybe even more so because of the energy placed into every item, the care taken when creating custom drinks, and the service offered to customers that goes even multiple steps beyond expectation. To create an environment in which people want to gather, the environment has to be welcoming and full of love and gratitude. While Botanical offers goods that heal and fuel people physically; it is just as vital to their mission that the energy in the cafe heals and fuels internally.

You can order a build-your-own smoothie each week.

Past and Present

Botanical Vegan Cafe & Market has been open to the public for just over a month; however, it has been an inevitable creation for over 15 years. The evolution of Botanical Vegan Cafe & Market started as a dream nugget in 2005 when owner Grace Affeltranger shouted to her father, “I want to open my own cafe just for kids! There is no place for kids to hang out except boring coffee shops!” Just like that, Kids Club Five was declared into existence. As the idea developed and Affeltranger grew into more musical interests, Kids Club Five turned into a music cafe where artists could showcase their talents in a social and encouraging environment.

In 2011 Affeltranger moved to Chicago where she worked at Trader Joe’s through college. It was during this time that food began to hold a greater position in Affeltranger’s interests. Raised by a holistic-health focused mother whose love language is cooking, food pairings and nutrient-balanced meals were second nature to Affeltranger. However, experiencing the varieties of plant-based and vegan ingredients often sold at Trader Joe’s inspired Affeltranger to explore her holistic food interests. Upon a relocation to Nashville, TN, Affeltranger began managing a local juice bar. It was during this time that she found her passion in juicing and business management. With great success as manager of I Love Juice Bar, Affeltranger increased profit by 15% and led the location to its first profiting quarter. The excitement led Affeltranger to reimagine her music cafe into Shred, a dive bar themed juicery where all things social could meet a healthy environment that didn’t derail its customers from their healthy, progressive lifestyle.

The Hydragreen smoothie.

Shred remained in the dream state for about another 3 years, until Affeltranger moved back to Pittsburgh, PA. She quickly sought out another juicery to work with and became familiar with the juice scene in the region. Upon more research, Affeltranger observed the lack of health-focused venues or eateries at which the public could also socialize in a boisterous happy hour setting. It was during this time that Shred needed to be more than just a juicery. It needed to fuel the public, offer drink options that are exciting and instill a sense of mystery in an earthy jungle-speakeasy setting. It needed to walk-the-walk by using green, plant-based packaging and offer high-end quality food and market items grown as close to home as possible. It needed to be a cafe that incorporates plant-based materials into as much of the experience as possible and inspire its patrons to take similar actions. It needed to be a social cafe that lifted and strengthened the community up to fuel their dreams. It needed to be Botanical Vegan Cafe & Market.

Since opening March 2nd, Botanical Vegan Cafe & Market hit the ground running with a successful 1st week, only to be brought to an abrupt halt the second week due to the worldwide pandemic, COVID-19. With the business plan focusing on socializing and community, Affeltanger was quick to reimagine the possibilities of her establishment and is now operating on a delivery/takeout system and building out the market portion of Botanical by offering produce, grocery items, health foods, grains, seeds, supplements, and sanitary products. Affeltranger hopes to build out the market even greater to include farm fresh produce, local goods, and other items that will support her community and uphold the commitment to offer health and balance.

After a very successful first week, COVID-19 hit.

The Future

Botanical Vegan Cafe & Market was dreamed up over a period of 15 years and has evolved through many stages of the idea phase. Botanical will continue on that path: find what thrives and run with it! Within the immediate future, Botanical will grow into its original plan of offering the local and Pittsburgh community a healthy social environment that satisfies your inner wild child while satisfying your body of the nutrients it needs to continue being a badass. Botanical’s fast food service will double the serviceable market and income of a normal juicer; it is low-cost and can be assembled quickly with few employees. Juice and smoothies are also low-cost, with a profit margin between 65-80% and are quick to make. Along with the cafe portion of the plan, Botanical provides health supplements, seasonal farm fresh produce, paper and sanitary goods, and light merchandise. The Aspinwall community does not have a walkable grocery market and the farmers markets will be closed until further notice due to COVID-19, making Botanical the go-to market.

In light of COVID-19, Botanical Vegan Cafe pivoted quickly.

The third stream of revenue comes from the delivery or pickup service of subscription orders. Customers can order their week’s food at a bulk price that will provide them with breakfast, lunch, and light dinner options. This will provide Botanical’s customers with a convenience of having planned meals that are not only delicious, but also provide them with the fuel they need to succeed. This service will also include the sale of grocery items. Having a customer base that is subscribed to this weekly service guarantees a prepaid amount of revenue and allows for the exact measurement of food and payroll cost necessary to complete the preparations and service. Botanical plans to extend this service to local schools and hospitals, ensuring those who need the nutrients are able to get them.

Upon successful proof of business, Botanical Vegan Cafe & Market plans to open multiple locations and franchise out, earning revenue from royalties, education platforms, training, and franchise fees. In the future, Botanical Vegan Cafe & Market will be the culmination of its evolutionary stages: a huge market that doubles as a community space with indoor and outdoor seating, recreational space, event space for musical entertainment and conferences, the go-to for health supplements and fresh organic superfoods, and mostly, a place for the community to gather in a hip social plant-based and sustainable facility to fuel their dreams!

Some soups for delivery.

Why We Stand Out

The role of an investor is a highly respected position in the community. Investors have the opportunity and power to say yes to one person’s dream, and no to another. They have the influence to build the community into what they see fit and also the responsibility to ensure the businesses they choose are leaving a positive impact on that community. Botanical Vegan Cafe & Market understands and respects that investors in this setting ultimately will choose what they most align with. With that understanding, Botanical will continue on its intended path to create a sustainable social environment that gives health, wellness, laughs, experiences, opportunities, and a place to dream, gather and love. The green-focused cafe will continue to support the Aspinwall community, Pittsburgh, and beyond. Botanical Vegan Cafe & Market gratefully welcomes investors that align with such dreams and aspirations and respects those with different priorities.

Soon enough you'll get to enjoy the avo toast in the cafe.

Fast Facts

  • Vegan Cafe that serves fresh juice made daily
  • Offers build-your-own açaí bowls, smoothies, & juices
  • Gluten free, dairy free, and nut free
  • Woman-owned
  • Offers weekly subscription service to order locally sourced Botanical meal plans and cleanses to your door at a discount.
  • Sells grocery items, produce, and sanitary goods
  • Outdoor seating
  • Hosts invite-only songwriter nights & poetry slams
  • 90% of packaging is 100% compostable
  • Visit the website and order online!
  • Best of Pittsburgh 2023 (you heard it here first!)

All the food is vegan and free of major allergens such as nuts, dairy, and gluten.

About the Owner

Raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Grace Affeltranger has always dreamed bigger than herself. From a very young age of 8 years old, Affeltranger dared to stick out from her peers and perform the “Boogie-woogie” on the piano at her school talent show. From that point on, she was focused on providing laughs, cheers, and good times for her community. Affeltranger was raised by a single mother who carried a wooden spoon in one hand and a holistic health book in the other. Having the example of a strong parent who worked to provide for two children, Affeltranger was taught to be a hard worker from the beginning and began saving for the life-long dream of opening a cafe that provided an outside spotlight for young artists while nourishing them on the inside. She attended Loyola University Chicago and earned her Bachelor's degree in Jazz Piano and Vocal Performance. Upon graduation, she moved to Nashville, TN where she started her music business, Affeltranger Music Company, that consisted of artist management, tour direction/production and voice/piano lessons. She also performed 8-times a week on downtown Broadway while managing a local juice bar called I Love Juice Bar. It was there that she gained her knowledge of running a successful business. Affeltranger worked to increase profit at that location by 15% and led it to its first profiting quarter since opening two years prior. She was quickly promoted and trained many of the franchisees on store flow, inventory, customer relations, and administration.

After three years, Affeltranger moved back to Pittsburgh with her husband to be closer to family and continued her music business, gaining over 12 students in 6 months and performing at restaurants and bars. She then began working with a local Pittsburgh juicer, Salud, as a franchise consultant and trainer that led her to the opportunity to buy into the franchise at the Aspinwall location. Upon careful thought and consideration, Affeltranger realized this was her opportunity to dive into her life-long dream of opening up her own cafe, so she worked out a deal with the franchise to buy out that location and Botanical Vegan Cafe & Market was in motion! Now she works to seek out all options possible to keep her dream alive. With soaring high hopes and the drive to succeed, Affeltranger is determined to keep Botanical alive and to serve her community health and happiness.

Deal Summary



  Stroll LLC

Security Type

  Secured loan

Loan Purpose

 Working capital during the COVID-19 pandemic

Offering Amount

  $10,000 - $27,000

Interest Rate

  3.75% interest-only (first 6 months),

  9.0% amortizing period (last 30 months)


  Monthly, disbursed to investors quarterly


  6 months interst only + 30 months amortizing

Personal Guaranty  

 Grace Affeltranger

Security Interest

 Blanket lien in assets of Company

Your Earnings Potential

If you choose to invest, you will make a one-time investment via ACH that will be transferred to a secure escrow account. If the campaign successfully reaches its target, the funds will be distributed to Stroll LLC.

For more information on the mechanics of Honeycomb’s crowd investing platform, please review our Education Materials.

Investment Amount One-Time Fee

Potential Quarterly

Return: Interest-Only Period*

Potential Quarterly

Return: Amortization Period*

Potential Total Repayment*
$100 $1.40 $0.93 $11.20 $113.92
$500 $7.00 $4.68 $56.02 $569.60
$1,000 $14.00 $9.37 $112.04 $1,139.19
$5,000 $37.25 $46.87 $560.22 $5,695.97

Your ongoing responsibilities from investing are very limited. Over the life of the loan, you will receive a yearly 1099-INT, which is a simple tax document similar to what you receive for most savings accounts.*Individual payments may vary slightly based on rounding. Potential repayments include principal and interest; they do not include the one-time fee which is assessed when you make your investment. These amounts are calculated as a hybrid interest-only + amortizing loan, which means that there is a specified interest-only period followed by a an amortization period. There are no prepayment penalties and Stroll LLC may pay down their loan early, which may impact your earnings potential. Please note: returns are not guaranteed and investors could lose some or all of their investment.

Stroll LLC pays as agreed. You will receive quarterly payments directly into your bank account. In the event of a default, you will be contacted by the administrative agent to manage the collections process on the investors' behalf.

How Honeycomb is Compensated

Honeycomb charges Stroll LLC a $100 posting fee and a 6.0% loan origination fee on the total amount funded.

Additionally, to cover expenses associated with each investment, Honeycomb charges a 1.40% investment fee capped at $37.25 per investor.

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